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2 T-Armond TV Jones single coil pickups neck + bridge Gold


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T-Armond Clear Single Coil Sparkle DeArmond Style (sound and mount) by TV Jones

The TV Jones T-Armond has large American-made cylinder magnets. These adjustable cylinder magnets enable each string to be dialed in for the perfect, sweet DeArmond tone.
T-Armond has the Look & Feel of DeArmond-Rowe 2000 / DynaSonic, but with shorter magnet poles than the historic 60s one or the actual Gretch Dynasonic, and with different pole adjustment mechanism.
The T-Armond comes with 2-conductor “switchable” wiring to solve any out-of-phase issues.

Bridge: Wider pole spacing, which places a magnet directly under each string, results in optimum string separation and output. This pickup is wound with thinner magnet wire to enhance it’s thicker tone. DC Resistance: 12.0K | Inductance: 4.56H

Neck: Shorter cylinder magnets give the neck pickup a clear, transparent and balanced tone with less string pull. DC Resistance: 8.2K | Inductance:3.38K

Tone/Characteristic: Full, bold and clear.
Likeness/Derived from: Traditional DeArmond Tone.

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