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Tremolo Bigsby style
Tremolo Bigsby style

Tremolo Bigsby style

Invented by Paul Bigsby in the 1940s, the Bigsby is known for its elegant and classic design, often associated with vintage guitars. There are several models of Bigsby and several brands. Concerning the models we mainly find the B3, B5, B6 and B7, but also the B11, B12 and B16.

We then find several manufacturers. For the Bigsby brand there are the Bigsby USA Original Kalamazoo such as the B5, but also the Asian Bigsby license such as the B50. Then there are the Brands inspired by it such as Göldo or Duesenberg (TDG5 or TDBSN).

The Bigsy original USA

Bigsby B3:

Intended for semi-hollow and hollow body guitars without a central beam.
Examples of guitars: Gretsch Duo Jet, Gibson ES-330...

Bigsby B5:

Designed for solid body guitars and some models of semi-hollow guitars with a central beam.
Examples of guitars: Fender Telecaster, Gibson SG...

Bigsby B6:

Used mainly on large hollow body guitars.
Examples of guitars: Gretsch Country Gentleman, Gibson ES-175...

Bigsby B7:

Designed for semi-hollow body guitars with a central beam.
Examples of guitars: Gibson ES-335, Epiphone Casino...

Bigsbys can be installed on different electric guitars, although some modifications to the guitar may be necessary. To avoid this you will find different adaptation systems (Towner, Vibramate, Duesenberg...)

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